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Instructions on Publishing Classified Ads

Guidelines for Publishing Classified Ads

Art. 1.
General Provisions

  1. These Guidelines for Publishing Classified Ads have been in force since 10 April 2009.
  2. The guidelines for Publishing Classified Ads in the Advertising Portal have been drawn up on the basis of legal regulations binding on the territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  3. Ads which do not follow the guidelines for Publishing Classified Ads presented below may be removed by the Administrator of the Portal.
  4. Users who regularly infringe upon the Guidelines for Publishing Classified Ads or the Regulations of the Portal, may face restrictions in further use of the Portal Services.

Art. 2.
Rules of Placing Ads

Terms used in the Regulations mean:

  1. Each User may add any number of Classified Ads under the conditions stipulated in the Regulations.
  2. All Classified Ads are published free of charge.
  3. In order to add a classified ad, the User should complete the Form which can be found on the Internet site, in the scope specified by the Publishing House, and then send it via electronic mail to the Publishing House.
  4. Sending the form is executed through activation of a proper field of the Form. Upon its activation, an email is sent to the address provided by the User in the Form, which contains a link activating the ad. The User should follow the guidelines provided in the email.
  5. Completing the Form is based on the following rules:
    1. the User should complete all the fields of the Form, unless a field is clearly marked as optional,
    2. data entered into the Form should apply solely to the User and be true,
    3. the User is the sole person responsible for the authenticity of the data entered into the Form,
    4. Through completing the Form, the User is obliged to refrain from infringing upon the rights of third persons and generally accepted moral norms.
  6. Sending the completed Form is synonymous to:
    1. understanding and accepting by the User the provisions of the Regulations and other documents which regulate the use of the Portal, which can be found on the Internet website,
    2. representing by the User that the data contained in the Form is true,
    3. authorising the Publishing House to process the personal data contained in the Form according to the rules stipulated in the Privacy Policy document,
    4. familiarising by the User with the right of access and the possibility of correcting, editing and deleting information entered into the Form.
  7. The User chooses in the Form the period during which their ad is to be published in the Portal. The options are, respectively: 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days - with the possibility of shortening this period by removing the ad by the User earlier.

Art. 3.
Obligations Connected with Publishing the Ad

  1. The Publishing House allows for the publication on the Portal sites only one classified ad referring to the particular subject, position, service or any other offer.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to copy a classified ad in the same or different category.
  3. In case when the ad matches a few categories, it should be matched to the most adequate one.
  4. Copied ads shall be removed.
  5. In case of breaking the conditions specified in clauses 1 and 2, the Publishing House may restrict the User's access to the Portal Services, without notice.

Art. 4.
Formal and Substantial Requirements of the Ads

  1. The Publishing House only accepts Ads which are matched with a particular place and adequate for the local community.
  2. The Publishing House is not liable for wrong matches of ads to categories by the User and resulting from it difficulties in its localisation by the ad readers.
  3. In case specified in clause 2, the Publishing House has the right to change the localisation of the Ad or even its removal in case when wrong classification is permanently repeated.
  4. Ads published in languages other than English shall be definitely removed without notifying the User about their removal.

Art. 5.
Conditions Resulting in the Removal of the Ad

  1. It is forbidden to place on the Portal ads which:
    1. are illegal in terms of English and international law, incitement to race, religious or ethnic hatred or promoting violence,
    2. are deemed as morally objectionable, racist, socially inappropriate and infringing upon rules of good manners,
    3. are offensive or vulgar towards other Portal users or third parties,
    4. are infringing upon other persons' dignity, privacy or other personal rights, breaking the rules of free competition,
    5. are deceptively similar to other Users' Ads or intentionally assuming the character of other Ads,
    6. promote pornography, intoxicating agents (e.g. drugs),
    7. encourage people to commit crime, including ones which launch into circulation stolen products or fence stolen products.
    8. contain links and other references to Internet sites, in particular to the ones containing pirate (i.e. warez), cracks and series numbers of audiovisual works (e.g. TV series).
  2. The Publishing House has the right to remove an Ad which infringes upon clause 1 and notify the organs of administration of justice about the potentially committed crime.
  3. The Publishing House is not liable for the content of the published Ads. It merely makes accessible to the Users necessary equipment of electronic transfer which is needed to publish Ads on the Portal.

Art. 6.
Final Provisions

  1. The Publishing House reserves the right to change the Guidelines at any time.
  2. The changed version of the Guidelines comes into force on the day of its publication on the website.
  3. For the Ads published under the previous version, the provisions of the earlier version are applicable.
  4. The Regulations are the integral part of the Guidelines for Publishing Classified Ads. In case of doubts about the interpretation of the Guidelines, one should be guided by the provisions of the Regulations.
  5. Any disputes which may arise on the basis of application of these Guidelines shall be investigated by the Common Court of Law having jurisdiction over the Publishing House seat.